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Our Exclusive Event

Periodically we organize a special dinner, the "Wine Dinner" where you can taste some of the best imported Italian wines combined with special dishes that change every time.
Ciro Formisano and Emanuele Magnani, friends for more than 30 years, will share with you all the passion and and professionalism they bring every day in their work, giving you the experience of an unforgettable evening dedicated to good cuisine and fine Italian wines.

At these wine dinners you can also buy the wines you like best at a discounted price or have the opportunity to discover new ones.

Join us and ask us to add you to the Wine Dinner List to stay informed about these exclusive events.

* If you were subscribed to our Wine Dinner List and are now not receiving our emails, please re-enter your name and email here to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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About Emanuele Magnani

Emanuele Magnani is an Italian entrepreneur with a passion for travel, wine and good food. In 2004 Emanuele started his own wine import and distribution company in the United States. He is an accomplished businessman who works tirelessly to share his distinctive quality wines. His approach to life is pure and organic with a love for people. His fine imported wines come from small boutique wineries run by people Emanuele knows personally and who share his passion for life and wine.


Come and meet Emanuele at our Wine Dinners! During the tasting he will explain everything you want to know about Italian wines, from their origins to their unique taste.

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