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Mamma Mia! in Holly Springs


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"I chose to open Mamma Mia Italian Bistro, Holly Springs so we could bring real Italian cuisine to the heart of Holly Springs."

Ciro Formisano    

Ciro Formisano is a chef with over 45 years of experience. Born in Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Ciro grew up in family-owned restaurants. His passion for cooking led him to become head chef at the age of 18. After many years of work in Italian catering and with the desire to make the flavors of his homeland known in the land of opportunities, Ciro arrived in the United States in 1992. Here he began working as a chef traveling between North Carolina and New Jersey. "Bella Napoli", "Sorrento", "Giardino Italiano", "Cafè Roma", "Italian Chophouse" & "Il Sogno" are some of the restaurants for which he worked. While at "Il Sogno" Ciro met Silvana DeGrezia and they became business partners.

In 2004 Ciro bought his first restaurant in the United States, in Apex, North Carolina, and called it Mamma Mia! Italian Bistro, Apex. In 2019, after having made it grow and be appreciated by many loyal customers, he sold the Apex restaurant to his daughter Lea so he could fulfill his dream and new adventure. He opened a new restaurant, Mamma Mia! Italia Bistro in Holly Spring. Now Ciro is the owner and heart of Mamma Mia Italian Bistro in Holly Springs, where he and his staff are ready to offer you the best of Italian cuisine and hospitality.

Mamma Mia!

is a typical Italian expression used to underline surprise, amazement and joy.
Especially when used by children it evokes sympathy and good humor.
These are the feelings we'd like you to experience when you come to visit us.



What can we do for you?


Don't like standing in line? Place your order online!


Want to host an event at your home, workplace, school or church? Parties, birthdays, weddings… We can offer you a fantastic full catering service.


Do you want to amaze your him or your her with an Italian dinner staying at home? Do you come home from work and want to impress your family? Call us and order a takeout


Are you looking for a special place to celebrate your events? We have a private room for you event.


Are you a lover of Italian food and wine? You must go out for a special night and enjoy our wine dinners!

Now, you know our history. 
We are here to serve you.

If you love good food and good company, the door is open, you are welcome.

We are waiting for you!

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